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Em4-Miniatures - Elfsera 4 - High Elves
A helmed and cloaked High Elf Prince at the head of his personal retinue. A mighty Sword Companion; ..
Em4-Miniatures - Elfsera 5 - The Undead
A liche; a vampire; a mummy; a zombie; a wraith. Make your dungeons a place of unholy terror for you..
Em4-Miniatures - Elfsera 6 - Dungeon Monsters
Five monsters ready to slip into your dungeon straight from the box. Devilish....! Monsters included..
Em4-Miniatures - Elfsera 7 - Large Creatures
Three mighty monsters. A Troll (49mm tall). An Ogre (height: 47mm). A Minotaur (53mm). All in 28m..
Em4-Miniatures - Fantasy Warriors - Dwarf Patrol
5 heavily armoured dwarves, armed with 2 handed axes. A ready made patrol for role-playing or skirmi..
Em4-Miniatures - Fantasy Warriors - Orc Raiders
5 armoured orcs with shields and 2 handed weapons. Ideal as a self-contained gang or raiding party i..
Em4-Miniatures - Mechs (5 pack)
Set of 5 miniatures. Snap together, interchangeable weapons. Bases included. ..
Em4-Miniatures - Old West Heroes Set 1
Our first Western set contains a very dapper sheriff; a no-nonsense gambler; a poncho wearing gunsli..
Em4-Miniatures - Old West Heroes Set 2 - Shootout
Not only 5 painted, pewter 28mm miniatures but also a complete Western skirmish game from Nick Lund...
Em4-Miniatures - Oriental Blades Set
Contains Armoured Samurai; Unarmoured Samurai; Ninja; Female Adventurer; Scruffy Ronin Also, 5 un..
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